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(Comparison Charts for natural amino acids Only carbonaceous meteorites have amino acids but carbonaceous chondrites are very sensitive to terrestrial conditions...)


The twenty terrestrial natural amino acids

Possible impact crash, Amidijepass meteorite. A shatter cone or shock cone, or cone of percussion, is a striated rock structure shaped cone that is only found in the craters of meteorite impacts ... Impact pieces of crash



The document recalls the name and composition of twenty terrestrial amino acids. Many others have been discovered in some carbonaceous meteorites, including that of Murchison that contain over 70 different. All these amino acids that do not exist on Earth are necessarily of extraterrestrial origin and biochemists conclude that life exists outside our planet. (According to E. L. Orgel).

Determination of Eniantomériques Reports Amino acids in primitive chondrites The table above; extract Ehrenfreund P. et al., 2001. On the table we can distinguish that same IC class of meteorites contain acids aminés- Consider a significant margin of error of different values, caused by the low volume of test samples, their limited number and heterogeneity. The values ??given are parts per billion (ppb = parts per billion) The amounts are very small in primitive meteorites on average, so the tests with these amino acids to see their effect could be very expensive ...


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