Level Quantum


The miniature burial and two fossilised aliens

1-reminder, the first possible extraterrestrial!

Extraterrestrial Alien Extraterrestrial Sepulture

2 - new discovery of a second alien who is also grave!

Extraterrestrial Sepulture Spacesuit

Artistic effects:

1 /the female likely has a bust with the jewelry but in the drawing of the burial its facies is much greater, despite being in the second level...

2 /the male likely has no jewelry on his torso, see his body below, but on the design of the Tomb, his skull is smaller and we see faces of aliens games near...


3 - Elements of possible extraterrestrial crash (the alien male body)

A/Photo from left, back with a plate shaped square or lozange, with belts, bottom, top; all fossilized...

B / the right picture, the other side, these are sediments that were deposited to maintain this number 3, extraterrestrial child possible Alien!...

Tronc Fossile Corps Fossile du crash

C/drawing for a more rapid definition, drawing right photo:


Father Body and Child Fossil

The Chaos and the Wasp

4eme voie

Possible fossil extraterrestrial Alien, Number 4 Skull fossil found:

Possible Extraterrestrial Alien fossil

"I found this 4th skull fossil probably of extraterrestrial origin, two years ago(April 2012), near the crash but at this time, I didn't know than the extraterrestrial aliens exist..."

There are many other crashes of Space Ship in the world: example

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