Dark Forest and Knowledge:

About the Trees:

The plant leaf is the specialist organ in photosynthesis:

Photosynthesis is a bioenergetic process that allows the plants to synthesize organic material with direct sun light. The nutritive needs of the plant are carbon dioxide in the air, water and ground minerals.

The plants are called autotrophs for Carbon:

An important consequence is the release of the molecule oxygen. At night, the photosynthesis is suspended, but the plant is breathing both Day and Night. Over 24 hours, the production of carbon dioxide through breathing is less than the oxygen produced though Photosynthesis during the day.

This is the life of the plant: producing its own substance and putting out some oxygen...

The Oxygen Process has existed for 3,8 billion years:

The forest, the plants and the seaweeds are One in our Ecosystem. Their exploitations could be toxic or can serve to make some medicines.

Dark Forest Walnut Panel:

Dark Forest 001

Wood sculpture with hammer and hand tools...

Dark Forest 002

Wood burning to create a nice aspect and some gradations.

Dark Forest 003

An interesting result, a lot of fun and it's good to know the weather with that.

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A Wise Chinese said:

First there was the conciousness; then when the conciousness disappeared, there was the morale, when the morale disappeared, there was politeness, when the politeness disappeared, there were the police.

Chinese Proveb...



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