Project Statement Form:
Name (must match Registration From): Didier Jégaden

Title of Entry: Fork

Material Used (Include type of wood, finishes and other media):
I used a piece of wood bought this year on ebay and my measuring tape:
The wood is an American golden oak, the dimensions: 9 x 10,5 x 5 inches.
I imagined the pretty model and redrawn at the same scale then I used my famous
chain saw, sand machine papers, gouges, wood burning machine...
A special fruit juice used in wood with potential. At the start of the year I had a few
wood projects, but in Nevada the humidity is so low the wood is cracking, I have
not found a way to remedy at this problem yet.
A boiled oil, a krylon varnish fixative and a krylon lacquer interior/exterior.
A little bit of my time.

(Please provide a personalized description of the project, the project goals and
process, design or construction concepts, challenges faced and how they were
overcome, evolutions or surprises in the process or outcome, etc. Note: this
Project Statement and photos may be used for publicity. Make it interesting!)
Chain saw cut and sculpture:
I saw a lot of chainsaw sculptures in the museum, well I think I can try too.
I know that in the United States a lot of good woodworking projects work when you
use tools to the limit.
A lot of my woodworking in the cabinetry in France was all about finishing ...
I used my sand machine with grit size 40. This first step is a bit violent for my
golden oak wood. It is literally a laceration of the wood. Not too beautiful when you
feel that you take as much care of your wood as possible. Then I used the 80 and
120. The wood seems to get better and better with this new steps.
The next step is with my small sand machine 180 and 220. After finishing by hand
with sandpaper of smaller grit...
The final form of this work is very symbolic and attractive. I gave the name Fork to
this art work because I've done a lot of chess in my life and if you don't know how
to fork chess well, you're in trouble. It’s also to be able of catching a stronger
chess piece from your competitor in one go and losing a lower chess piece at
worst. On the other hand, a few years ago I had a good smart friend who found a
beautiful fork near the railroad tracks and he wanted to fix the fork on the rail to
see what happened after, I think. He only tested me about it, if I was okay with his idea/project?...


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